Bottla wines from The Cidery

… offer a completely different wine experience at every stage of interaction, from the first viewing of the bottle through to the final mouthful.
As the label conveys, the bottles are fun but the wine is serious! They are sealed with a Screw Cap – for those who are tired of having to endure the all too often disappointment of cork tainted wine. The bottles contain 2 glasses, ideal to open for you and your partner mid-week and share over your evening meal at home, or if you are drinking alone – one glass tonight and one tomorrow night. Gone are the days of having to “knock-off” a 750ml bottle before it “goes off”, just because you fancied a glass of it!

The grape varieties and the wine also offer a different experience, presenting the little known Blackwood Valley Wine Region.

The wines reflect our belief at The Cidery, that drinks should be essentially about enjoyment and fun while offering quality and interest at an affordable price point.


Bottla Red

  Bottla Red is a blend of Cabernet-Shiraz of approximately 60:40 ratio, from both American and French oak aged wines. Care has been taken with this oak aging so as to ensure balance with the restrained yet complex fruit character typical of grapes from the Blackwood Valley Wine Region.Generally the wine is of medium to full body, retaining generous fruit characters over robust tannin, structured for fuller bodied meat dishes.

Bottla Viognier

  Made from a blend of locally-grown grapes including Viognier, Sauvignon and Chardonnay.

While ideal for fish or white meat dishes it exhibits sufficient character to be enjoyed alone at any time of the day.